Vibrational Living

     All of life resonates at different energetic frequencies whether these energies are in the form of matter, or in the feelings, thoughts and/or actions that we take with every choice we make. We are the masters of our genetic code with the power to turn our "good" genes on

 and turn our "bad" genes off and we do this within the universal vibrational field that

exists within us and in many dimensions beyond our third dimensional field.

     As we make conscious, healthy choices using our heart, mind, body and soul, we raise our vibrational frequencies and will begin to experience an alignment with our spirit's essence of pure light and love.

Life Coaching

      The process of working with a Life Coach is a very personal process that addresses the different dimensions of your life in terms of your physical, mental, emotional and/or spiritual aspects. The saying, "the only constant is change" is operationally correct, yet humanly challenging. During the life coaching process, a foundational framework can be designed by the beliefs, desires, dreams and visions that you have within you that are ready to serve your highest good, to raise your vibrational frequency and to bring your voice and light into the world.   

​     It will require courage, determination, faith, trust and belief in yourself that you are worthy of and deserve only the best of what life has to offer. I would be honored to walk alongside you on your path as you discover what is true for you and why you matter in the execution of this Divine Plan.

Your Life Starts Here...

Plant-Based Nutrition Coaching

Let Food Be Thy Medicine


​     We really are what we eat. Everything we put into our body matters in terms of either supporting or destroying our inherently vibrant nature. I found myself diving deep into the research of nutrition and wellness after facing a cancer diagnosis twice in my life and losing several members of my family to cancer.

    After trying various "diets" and often conflicting information regarding wellness, I found a lifestyle that resonated with me and that has supported my health and well-being. This is the plant-based lifestyle that is based on thousands of scientific studies that indicate that this lifestyle reverses many of the chronic illness conditions of the Standard American Diet (SAD). This lifestyle also supports the first principle of the Hippocratic Oath which is to "harm none."

     A plant-based lifestyle helps to build a strong and healthy immune system and a higher vibrational, cellular frequency. This lifestyle is an individualized, step by step journey that is determined by the plan that is collaboratively developed on your behalf.

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