Dr. Corinne Harmon

Certified Life Coach  

Certified in Plant-Based Nutrition

Certified in Appreciative Inquiry

Certified in Eqi2 Assessment

Welcome to my website!


     I have experienced the power and powerlessness that can present itself on any given day or moment in the living of my personal, professional and/or spiritual life. These instances have required courage, determination, faith, trust and belief in myself to find the spirit and voice within me, often in contradiction to the status quo and the societal conditioning related to being a woman in a patriarchal society. There is a saying that when you find a spiritual truth, you lose a lie, and that has provided comfort and a deeper understanding of the unending mysteries of this life.

     I have learned to live with my life and my death and to find my soul of Souls to lead my life consciously and with deep respect for All That Is. My wish is to create the space for you to find your own truth and to live in the ways that reflect the beauty you inherently carry within you so that you may lead your own life with love, courage and deep understanding that you matter, in every way, every day.