There Are No Half-Measures

When we attempt to measure our workout routine, or a distance from A to B, we don't just measure half the distance that we are trying to determine; we measure the full distance to get the best and most accurate measure. As we live our lives, we have opportunities to "go the distance" or to take a road more travelled and engage in our experience half heartedly, half consciously, or half energetically. Often, we operate out of a routine, with a somewhat mindless, responsiveness to our experiences, settling for the half measures of life.

As we face these challenging times of a pandemic bringing with it the upheavals of a broken health system, educational systems, economic instability, uncertainty of what is true and what is not, our underlying racism at the microcosm and macrocosm levels of society, and more challenges to come, we have the opportunity to find the full measure of ourselves. To do this, we must face our fears of the unknown, to identify our core truths and who we are within the constant rumblings of our duality. What is the full measure of yourself? What is non-negotiable in your heart, mind and soul? You were born for this time. Will you live it as you always have, hoping for a return ticket to your half measures or will you purchase a one-way ticket to your future, stamped with the greatest measure of yourself?

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